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A translation error on Virginia Department of Health’s website incorrectly told Spanish speakers they didn’t need covid-19 vaccines.

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For Cherokee speakers, covid-19 vaccinations don’t just save their lives. They also preserve their language.

“Want a Vaccine? Better Interpret for a Hospital Direct,” MultiLingual News, December 22, 2020
University of North Carolina Health makes covid-19 vaccines available to staff, Spanish interpreters, but not those contracted for other languages.
(Article is a follow-up to “North Carolina Interpreter Vaccinated,” published December 16th.)

“Will Interpreters Receive Vaccine?” MultiLingual News, December 16, 2020
Medical interpreters are front line essential workers, but when it comes to receiving covid-19 vaccines, will governments and hospitals consider them as such?

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Why read when you can eat? A look at the phenomenon of literary diets.

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For some, Attention Deficit medication can cause insomnia.

Client Talk: Tiimo,” MultiLingual Magazine, March/April 2019
How ADHD app Tiimo makes translation purchasing decisions.

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Statistically, people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder are more dangerous drivers. But does that make it the government’s business?

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In an exclusive interview, middle-grade author Rick Riordan discusses Attention Deficit, representation in children’s fiction, and smash hit series Percy Jackson.

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Why the coping tactics that get students with Attention Deficit through college won’t help in the workplace.

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Why did retailer ThirdLove randomly reference Attention Deficit in its lingerie ad?

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As the Trump administration attacks the Affordable Care Act, access for limited-English speakers has remained surprisingly steady.

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What to do when your supervisor’s Attention Deficit makes it harder for you to do your job.

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An ADHD professional explains three critical areas affecting how Attention Deficit manifests in girls vs boys.

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When you have Attention Deficit, being gifted can actually make school harder.

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Midsize employers turn to telemedicine and concierge health to bring doctors onsite.

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On being a journalist with ADHD.

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How to lower the risk of a medical device cyberattack.

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Cyberattacks on medical devices could mean a myriad of problems for hospitals and other health care providers.

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Health insurance companies encourage patients to turn to apps to save money, but some patients end up not getting the care they need.

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When it comes to making sure limited-English patients understand their prescription instructions, current translation processes aren’t enough.

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When you have Attention Deficit, sometimes you send mixed signals.
(This article was reprinted by ADDitude Magazine.)

“It’s Illegal for Hospitals to Not Provide Translation Services. So Why Is Proper Translation Still Scarce?,” Slate, December 27, 2017
An op-ed on the importance of medical interpreting.
(Interviewed about article by KXRY FM in Portland, Oregon on XRAY in the Morning.)

“A New Flushable Pregnancy Test Could Help Women in Abusive Relationships,” Tonic, December 19, 2017
The world’s first flushable pregnancy test could save lives, but if we really want to stop reproductive coercion, it’s not enough.

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An ADHD expert and three professional designers share their suggestions for a more Attention Deficit friendly home.

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A personal essay on disclosing an Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder diagnosis while dating.
(This article was reprinted by ADDitude Magazine.)

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For people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, the open office is not a collaborative space. It’s a loud, chaotic wasteland.

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Tips on how to date someone with Attention Deficit, from someone with Attention Deficit.

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What women over 50 need to know about comorbidity of menopause and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

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Learn about hyperfocus, an oft-overlooked Attention Deficit symptom.

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Patients who think they’re allergic to certain meds may be allergic to something else entirely: the dye that adds color.

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After Southwest removes a woman from her flight for allergies, this essay asks why airlines can’t just check the pet.

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A personal essay about how people with Attention Deficit are prone to lose things.

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Learn what binding agents are and why they — not your medication — may be causing your reaction.

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Marijuana allergies are real, and for those of us who have them, decriminalization has been a nightmare.

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HR experts, an entrepreneur, and a psychologist weigh in on whether to tell your boss you have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

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Tips to help mothers with ADHD keep their minds active. [Print only.]

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When it comes to line-iteming Attention Deficit’s $266 billion impact, little things add up.

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Physicians on the pros and cons of taking Ritalin and Adderall while expecting.
(This article was reprinted by ADDitude Magazine.)