“The Open Office and ADHD: Imperfect Together,” ADDitude, November 21, 2017
For people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, the open office is not a collaborative space. It’s a loud, chaotic wasteland.

“Having ADHD Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Partner,” Tonic,  November 7, 2017
Tips on how to date someone with Attention Deficit, from someone with Attention Deficit.

“What to Know About ADHD If You’re Over 50,” Next Avenue, November 2, 2017
What women over 50 need to know about comorbidity of menopause and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

“People With ADHD Can Actually Focus So Hard it’s Scary,” Tonic, October 19, 2017
Learn about hyperfocus, an oft-overlooked Attention Deficit symptom.

“Is It the Drug or the Dye?,” MedShadow, October 5, 2017
Patients who think they’re allergic to certain meds may be allergic to something else entirely: the dye that adds color.

“Please Check Your Pet So I Don’t Get Kicked Off Our Flight,” Tonic, September 29, 2017
After Southwest removes a woman from her flight for allergies, this essay asks why airlines can’t just check the pet.

“On Being a ‘Loser,'” ADDitude, Fall 2017 (Article featured on issue cover.)
A personal essay about how people with Attention Deficit are prone to lose things.

“Are You Allergic to the Drug — Or to the Binding Agent?,” MedShadow, August 10, 2017
Learn what binding agents are and why they — not your medication — may be causing your reaction.

“I’m Allergic to Weed,” Motherboard, May 11, 2017
Marijuana allergies are real, and for those of us who have them, decriminalization has been a nightmare.

“Don’t Tell Your Boss You Have ADHD,” Tonic, May 3, 2017
HR experts, an entrepreneur, and a psychologist weigh in on whether to tell your boss you have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

“Five Ways for Mom to Grab Some Me-Time,” ADDitude, Summer 2017
Tips to help mothers with ADHD keep their minds active. [Print only.]

“The Hidden Costs Of ADHD,” The Establishment, April 20, 2017
When it comes to line-iteming Attention Deficit’s $266 billion impact, little things add up.

“ADHD Doctors Weigh in on Whether to Take Meds while Pregnant,” Washington Post, March 16, 2017
Physicians on the pros and cons of taking Ritalin and Adderall while expecting.
(This article was reprinted by ADDitude Magazine.)