Translation & Language in Business & Society

“Behind the Scenes: Jorge Ungo, Sales,” MultiLingual Magazine, July/August 2021
A profile of Jorge Ungo, healthcare interpreting account executive at LanguageLine Solutions.

“Behind the Scenes: Managing Employees as an HR Expert,” MultiLingual Magazine, May/June 2021
A profile of Elizabeth Garvin, Certified Languages International’s director of human resources.

“Translation’s Role in Cybersecurity,” MultiLingual News, March 15, 2021
Non-English phishing attempts are on the rise.

“Behind the Scenes: Demystifying the Office Manager,” MultiLingual Magazine, March/April 2021
A profile of Nikki Cowland, office manager at Anja Jones Translation.

“Should Translators Be on Clubhouse?” MultiLingual News, February 18, 2021
Translators’ use of the social media app is growing, but there are also utility and security concerns.

“Mars Landing Broadcast in Spanish,” MultiLingual News, February 17, 2021
A look at NASA’s Spanish language programming for the Mars Perseverance rover landing.

“The Virtual Language Services Provider,” tcworld, February 2021
For one translation provider, Brexit and covid meant the end of the physical office forever.

“Google Translate Causes Vaccine Mishap,” MultiLingual News, January 20, 2021
A translation error on Virginia Department of Health’s website incorrectly told Spanish speakers they didn’t need covid-19 vaccines.

“Vaccine Saves Language and Lives,” MultiLingual News, January 14, 2021
For Cherokee speakers, covid-19 vaccinations don’t just save their lives. They also preserve their language.

“SBA Closes Comments on Controversial Proposal,” MultiLingual News, January 13, 2021
A proposed new definition for “small business” could leave SME translation providers out in the cold.

“Behind the Scenes: Lobbying for Language,” MultiLingual Magazine, January/February 2021
A profile of Bill Rivers, lobbyist for the Association of Language Companies.

“Want a Vaccine? Better Interpret for a Hospital Direct,” MultiLingual News, December 22, 2020
University of North Carolina Health makes covid-19 vaccines available to staff, Spanish interpreters, but not those contracted for other languages.
(Article is a follow-up to “North Carolina Interpreter Vaccinated,” published December 16th.)

“Will Interpreters Receive Vaccine?” MultiLingual News, December 16, 2020
Medical interpreters are front line essential workers, but when it comes to receiving covid-19 vaccines, will governments and hospitals consider them as such?

“COVID Lawsuit Implicates Interpreters,” MultiLingual News, December 15, 2020
A wrongful death lawsuit against Tyson Foods is amended to include information about interpreters working in Tyson’s Waterloo, Iowa plant.

“Best Practices for Asian Language Site Localization,” User Experience Magazine, April 2020
Localizing your site for Asia may mean a radically different design, brand-new elements, or country-specific SEO.

“What You Need to Know when Localizing for Africa,” tcworld, April 2020
From generational differences to regional pride, translating for Africa takes more than just changing words.

“Five Factors to Consider When Localizing for India,” tcworld, December 2019
From generational differences to regional pride, translating for India takes more than just changing words.

“Client Talk: Motorola,” MultiLingual Magazine, November/December 2019
Cell phone giant Motorola explains why it kept the same translation technology for more than twenty years.

“Umlauts and Circumflexes and Tildes, Oh My,” MultiLingual Insights, September 4, 2019
An inside look at what goes into internationalizing custom corporate fonts.

“Client Talk: RPM Global,” MultiLingual Magazine, September/October 2019
Australian mining company RPM Global shares the difficulties of creating its first localization strategy.

“Client Talk: No Isolation,” MultiLingual Magazine, July/August 2019
Tech startup No Isolation fights loneliness, but it takes multiple languages to do it.

“Client Talk: Lyft,” MultiLingual Magazine, May/June 2019
How the popular ride-sharing app makes localization purchasing decisions.

“Lost Translations,” The Outline, April 16, 2019
US readers want books from around the world, so why can’t publishers deliver them?

“Client Talk: Tiimo,” MultiLingual Magazine, March/April 2019
How ADHD app Tiimo makes translation purchasing decisions.

“Everything Emergency Planners Need to Know about Language,” MultiLingual Magazine, January/February 2019
Why translation and interpreting need a place in government incident action plans.

“Client Talk: SAS,” MultiLingual Magazine, January/February 2019
How tech company SAS uses translation management software to localize into 22 languages.

“Th*nks for Asterisks,” The Guardian, November 2, 2018
Sometimes, replacing a letter with an asterisk is just pretense.

“How Open Is ‘Open’ Enrollment?,” The Outline, November 1, 2018
As the Trump administration attacks the Affordable Care Act, access for limited-English speakers has remained surprisingly steady.

“Client Talk: BuzzFeed,” MultiLingual Magazine, November/December 2018
Media publishing company BuzzFeed uses a machine learning algorithm to determine which content gets translated.

“How to Teach Your Kid a Language You Don’t Speak,” Lifehacker, October 25, 2018
Ways English-only speaking parents can raise baby to be bilingual.

“Translation, Localization, Transcreation: What’s the Difference?,” CMSWire, October 9, 2018
Explaining the difference between translation, localization, and other language industry offerings.

“Client Talk: Finning International,” MultiLingual Magazine, October 2018
Why Canadian manufacturer Finning International doesn’t buy translation.

“Is Neural Machine Translation Ready for Marketing Content?,” CMSWire, September 28, 2018
Despite improved capability, machine learning isn’t ready for marketing quite yet.

“Tips for Handling Vendor Bought Translations,” CMSWire, September 25, 2018
When you speak the language, it’s tempting to make changes to company translations. But experts say don’t.

“A Book by Any Other Name: Why Does the US Change So Many Titles?,” The Guardian, September 13, 2018
(Included in Vox’s list of the week’s best writing on books.)
An apologetic for English-to-English title localization.

“Lost in Legal Translation,” Best Lawyers, Fall 2018
What law firms need to know about translator and interpreting credentials.

“Client Talk: KAYAK,” MultiLingual Magazine, August/September 2018
KAYAK’s localization manager discusses how the travel search engine makes translation purchasing decisions.

“Tips for Building a Content Translation Strategy,” CMSWire, July 27, 2018
Is it ever okay to Google Translate marketing content?

“Lost in Translation: Language Barrier Blocks Cryptocurrency Growth,” ThirtyK, July 24, 2018
The cryptocurrency community has long relied on English as its primary language. This could hold back digital currency growth.

“Client Talk: Bowling Green, Kentucky,” MultiLingual Magazine, July 2018
Fifty-nine languages are spoken in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Here’s how the town handles translation. [Subscription required.]

“4 Tips to Help International Websites Be More Profitable and Deliver Better User Experience,” CMSWire, June 8, 2018
Generating global revenue takes more than just translation. Full website localization converts everything on the page with meaning.

“Client Talk: Marriott International, Inc,” MultiLingual Magazine, May/June 2018
Hotel conglomerate Marriott International, Inc talks translation purchasing. [Subscription required.]

“Do Your Words Deter Women?,” Society for Human Resource Management (, April 24, 2018
Certain phrases may keep women from applying for a job and slow down time-to-hire.

“The Deep Dish on Papa John’s Approach to In-Country Review,” MultiLingual Magazine, April 12, 2018
In this online supplement to a print article profiling Papa John’s translation practices, the company’s director of international training shares how translations are reviewed.

“Client Talk: Papa John’s,” MultiLingual Magazine, April 2018
Pizza chain Papa John’s International talks translation purchasing. [Subscription required.]

“Ways Cities Can Avoid Paying to Translate the Same Sentences Repeatedly,” Route Fifty, March 5, 2018
How Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Bowling Green, Kentucky keep translation costs down.

“The Case for Spanish-Speaking Courts in Places like the Bronx—and All over the US,” Quartz, 16 February 2018
In cities where there are more Spanish than English speakers, Spanish-language trials aren’t a question of social justice. They’re a matter of cold, hard cash.

“Take 11 and Call Me in the Morning,” MedShadow, February 8, 2018
When it comes to making sure limited-English patients understand their prescription instructions, current translation processes aren’t enough.

“Client Talk: IRD Balancing,” MultiLingual Magazine, February/March 2018
Kentucky manufacturer IRD Balancing has two problems with professional translation. [Subscription required.]

“On Lunch Boxes, Soda Pop, and International Logos,” HOW Magazine, January 2, 2018
Written marketing isn’t the only content that needs localization. Logos often do as well.

“Client Talk: PikMyKid,” MultiLingual Magazine, January 2018
Why school safety platform PikMyKid doesn’t pay for professional translation. [Subscription required.]

“It’s Illegal for Hospitals to Not Provide Translation Services. So Why Is Proper Translation Still Scarce?,” Slate, December 27, 2017
An op-ed on the importance of medical interpreting. (Interviewed about article by XRAY in the Morning on KXRY FM in Portland, Oregon.)

“4 Reasons for Localizing Website Images,” HOW Magazine, December 7, 2017
Why photos, icons, and other images on a site need to be “translated” too.

“Client Talk: Croatia Tech,” MultiLingual Magazine, December 2017
Development provider Croatia Tech discusses its translation purchasing decisions. [Subscription required.]

“Computers Can Translate Languages, but First They Have to Learn,” Science News for Students, November 30, 2017
A primer for middle school students that explains how machine translation works.

“Data Breached in Translation,” CSO, November 9, 2017
(New England Region Finalist for the 2018 Azbee Award of Excellence for Web Feature Articles from the American Society of Business Publication Editors)
Online language translation software caused a data leak at Statoil. Use these best practices to keep your translated information secure.

“How an IFRAME Element Impacted Hurricane Irma Victims,” HOW Magazine, October 5, 2017
HTML code element IFRAME and translation management systems don’t play nicely.

“Client Talk: HeraldPR,” MultiLingual Magazine, October/November 2017
A boutique PR agency discusses its translation purchasing decisions. [Subscription required.]

“When Hurricane Warnings Are Lost in Translation,” The Atlantic, September 8, 2017.
(Winner of the 2018 American Society of Journalists and Authors Arlene Eisenberg Award for an Article that Makes a Difference.)
With Irma looming, organizations are hitting some roadblocks in getting information out to Floridians who don’t speak English. [Same day coverage.]
(This article was reprinted in CityLab and Government Executive.)

“Client Talk: The City of Hopkinsville,” MultiLingual Magazine, September 2017
Tourists from 12 different countries came to Hopkinsville, Kentucky to see a total solar eclipse. How did(n’t) the city handle subsequent translating and interpreting needs?  [Subscription required.]

“The Trump (Non) Effect,” MultiLingual Magazine, June 2017
President Trump’s new immigration policy hasn’t affected the translation industry.
(This article was reprinted in The Linguist.)

“The Case for Ma’am,” Carolina Parent, May 2017
Why we should still raise our children to say “yes, ma’am” and “no, ma’am”. [Link to abridged article; full article in print issue.]

“A Flawed Decision on TransPerfect,” Crain’s New York, April 28, 2017
An op-ed on the Delaware Supreme Court’s decision to force TransPerfect’s owners to sell the business.

“Designing for Translation: 5 Tips to Get Your Projects Global-Ready,” HOW Magazine, March 20, 2017
The importance of theory of mind and other design tricks needed to prep your content for localization.

“What’s in a Name?,” MultiLingual Magazine, March 2017
How the name your startup chooses impacts its capability for global expansion.

“Localizing TV Apps,” tcworld, May 2015
Review of 6 areas where localizing apps for television is dramatically different than for mobile.

“Macro/Micro: Tapping into the Macrotrends,” MultiLingual Magazine
Three-year-long, monthly column on how societal macrotrends impact the translation and localization industry:
March 2012: “Tapping into the macrotrends
April/May 2012: “Green translations
June 2012: “How the Occupy movement affects language business”
July/August 2012: “Avoiding choice overloads”
September 2012: “Better business through transparency”
October/November 2012: “Out of Africa”
December 2012: “Untangling the deemed export mess
January/February 2013: “The polarizing business of opinion”
March 2013: “Are you a craft LSP?”
April/May 2013: “The melodrama of toasters and MT”
June 2013: “Postmoderism and translation”
July/August 2013: “Now accepting bitcoin”
September 2013: “Craft and time in bourbon and translation”
October/November 2013: “Listen up, translation, women are talking
December 2013: “Training for the real world
January/February 2014: “How LSPs can be David to Goliath-sized clients”
March 2014: “Keeping tabs on your frenemies”
April/May 2014: “What the language industry can learn from yoga”
June 2014: “A tale of two toothbrushes”
July/August 2014: “Pragmatism, conflict and translation”
September 2014: “Innovation, creativity and heart”
December 2014: “The how of mobile localization
March 2015: “Hotelling’s Law
April/May 2015: “Manufacturing associations”
June 2015: “The wages of translation
July/August 2015: “The translation company is dead

“Six Reasons to Centralize Translation,” tcworld, January 2015
Why exporters should handle their own translations, instead of having their distributors do the work.

“Website Localization: 3 Basic Principles,” User Experience MagazineNovember 2014 (published in both English & Spanish)
How to design your website for users from any language, any culture, anywhere by using three basic user experience principles.

“Insightful Interpretation,” American Marketing Association Marketing Insights, September 1, 2014

Human or machine translation for your international business communications?,” Trade Ready Canada, August 4, 2014

Four do’s and don’ts for getting quality international business translation,” Trade Ready Canada, June 4, 2014

“Project management for languages of lesser diffusion,” MultiLingual Magazine, October 2011

“The Games We Play,” MultiLingual, September 2011
Comparison of the ABC television show “The Bachelor” to the translation sales scene.

“Managing interpreting for domestic violence cases,” MultiLingual Magazine, June 2011
On the formation of the nation’s first certification for domestic violence interpreters.

“Suggestions for successful Japanese in-country review,” MultiLingual, March 2011 (cowritten with Maureen McCarthy)

“Translating Slogans,” MultiLingual, January 2011

“Personal ethics and language services,” MultiLingual, December 2010
A look at whether translators should or shouldn’t consider their personal ethics when translating a text.

“Video Killed the Radio Star,” MultiLingual, October 2010
An article on the language industry’s need to use video for client education and for sales.

“Localization for ‘Europe’ in Unlikely Places,” MultiLingual, November 2009
An article on localizing into European languages spoken in the United States.

“Linking in and facing off,” MultiLingual, April 2009
A guide to using social media in the language industry.

“Respect,” The ATA Chronicle, September 2009
On the need for mutual respect between translators and translation companies.

“Grow Your Client Base, Increase Your Rates, and Make LSPs Love You: A How-to,” The ATA Chronicle, March 2009 (cowritten with Madalena Sanchez)
Advice for translators on how to foster stronger relationships with translation companies.