Short Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction

On Seeing Cumberland Falls
Kentucky Humanities, Spring 2023

The Things We Keep
Doubleback Review, April 2023
Short fiction. (Reviewed by Clifford Garstang.)

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, March/April 2023
Flash fiction.

Passages North, Spring 2023
Short fiction.

I go to prepare a place for you
The Offing, February 2, 2023
Flash fiction.

23,195 New Yorkers and Counting
Litro Lab Podcast, December 22, 2022
Flash fiction adapted for audio.

Anti-Heroin Chic, October 8, 2022
Flash fiction.

To Write a Poem
The Sunlight Press, October 5, 2022

Tough, September 19, 2022
Short fiction.

Juked, September 8, 2022
Short fiction.

Ghost Parachute, September 1, 2022
Flash fiction.

McNeese Review, Summer 2022
Experimental short fiction.

Books Ireland, June 22, 2022
Experimental flash fiction.

“Sniper Watch”
Santa Monica Review, Spring 2022
Flash fiction. (Reviewed by Santa Monica Daily Press.)

Welcome, Friend
streetcake, March 2022
Experimental short fiction.

You Wanna Know Why I Did It, Mark, I’ll Tell You
MysteryTribune, March 8, 2022
Short fiction.

[There’s a difference between lonely and lonesome though what it is I’m not quite sure]
Emerge Literary Journal, 2022

The Best We Can at the Time
KGB Bar Lit, December 2021
Short fiction.

How Not to Date Bruce Willis
Whisk(e)y Tit Journal, November 23, 2021
Short fiction.

Goodbye, Nathan, Goodbye
Saturday Evening Post, September 24, 2021
Short fiction.

First Wife, Part I
Malarkey Books Free Samples, September 3, 2021
Novel-in-progress excerpt.

Open House
Barcelona Review, August 2021
Flash fiction.

Rigor Mortis
Micro Podcast, March 15, 2021
Flash fiction adapted for audio.

This Isn’t About COVID, It Was Never About COVID and You Know It
Another Chicago Magazine, January 25, 2021
Creative non-fiction essay.

Ahead of You
North Dakota Quarterly, Spring/Summer 2020
Experimental short fiction.

A Good Leg Is Hard to Find
Necessary Fiction, April 22, 2020
Short fiction.

Awake, O Sleeper
Saturday Evening Post, April 3, 2020
Short fiction.

Rigor Mortis
Juked, February 29, 2020
Flash fiction.

“The Life of Houston Anderson”
Arkansas Review, December 2019
Short fiction. (Called “haunting” in this review by Mary McMyne.)

Natural Bridge, Fall 2019
Short fiction. (Included in virtual reading series. News coverage of event here.)

Louisiana Literature, Fall/Winter 2019
Short fiction.

Things People Don’t Say to Reporters Who Aren’t on the Sex Beat
The Belladonna, July 9, 2019
Satirical list. (Medium editor’s pick.)

Identifying Fauxpreneurs in the Wild
Points in Case, June 21, 2019
Satirical acrostic.

“Orchardale: Mike from Connecticut” and “Orchardale: Jim Cleveland, Floater”
Round Table Literary Journal, Spring 2019
Two creative nonfiction profiles.

Philip Roth, Landlord
The Yale Review, February 4, 2019
Creative non-fiction essay. (Longreads and Politico editor’s pick.)

“Calvertsville Resurrection”
Gravel, December 2018
Short fiction.

“Homecoming Sunday”
Palo Alto Review, Spring 2006
Short fiction.

“The Things We Keep”
The Distillery, January 2006
Short fiction. (Reviewed by Clifford Garstang.)

Because Everything Is Murder
StorySouth, Winter 2005
Short fiction.

“Harvest,” “The Copenhagen-Helsinore with Martin,” and “On Dying”
Giles Corey Press, November 2004
Three poems.

Tobacco: A Literary Anthology (Kentucky Writers’ Coalition & Wind Publications), 2004

Kentucky Foundation for Women Artist’s Enrichment Grant recipient, December 2003
Awarded for short fiction.

West Wind Review, 2003

Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts Toyota Alumni Performance Grant recipient, May 2003
Awarded for short fiction.

“Harvest” and “Progression”
The Open Door, Spring 2002
Two poems.

“Bored with You”
Coal City Review, January 2002

Limestone, 2002

“[Last night I sat and stared]”
Vantage Point, Spring 1999

“Ahead of You”
Vantage Point, Spring 1999
Experimental short fiction.

“Poem Discovered on a Grecian Napkin” and “Cassis Christianity”
Vantage Point, Winter 1999
Two poems.

“The Copenhagen-Helsinore with Martin”
The Round Table, Spring 1998

“Degenerate Angels”
Kentucky Blue, October 1997
Short fiction.

“A Leap of Faith”
The Cento, Fall 1997
Creative non-fiction essay.

Hannah McGinnis
Centre College, May 1997
Play staged.

“King Edward”
Kentucky Blue, April 1997
Short fiction.

“Benton Blizzard”
Vantage Point, Fall 1995
Short fiction. (Second prize winner.)

“If Life Were a Line”
White River Quarterly, June 1993