“Looking for God?,” BBC Sky at Night, April 2018
Jesuit scientists discuss recent astronomy research from the Vatican Observatory. [Print only.]

“4-H without a Farm: Does the Program Have a Future in Big Cities?,” AGDAILY, December 6, 2017
In Manhattan, where 80% of the ground is covered by asphalt, it’s easy to ask whether agricultural youth program 4-H has a place.

“In the Age of Trump, the US Media Is Turning French—and That Might Not Be a Good Thing,” Quartz, July 14, 2017
Bias in reporting means modern American journalism may have more in common with French revolutionary press than you think.

“On the Sale of Kramerbooks & Afterwords,” Book Riot, March 24, 2017
An op-ed expressing my concerns over the recent sale of a well-loved Washington, DC bookstore.

“‘Let the Leaking Begin,'” The Intercept_, February 3, 2017
Longtime NASA watchdog Keith Cowing welcomes new rogue agency Tweeters like @RogueNASA.