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Non-English phishing attempts are on the rise.

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What enterprise security execs need to know before company employees join Clubhouse.

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Translators’ use of the social media app is growing, but there are also utility and security concerns.

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For one translation provider, Brexit and covid meant the end of the physical office forever.

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A proposed new definition for “small business” could leave SME translation providers out in the cold.

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A wrongful death lawsuit against Tyson Foods is amended to include information about interpreters working in Tyson’s Waterloo, Iowa plant.

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How to security and marketing can work together to minimize social media-related intelligence risks.

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How to keep COVID-related budget cuts from having long-term, negative effects on cybersecurity.

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Cell phone giant Motorola explains why it kept the same translation technology for more than twenty years.

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When it comes to fixing the localization ecosystem, event attendees say the human factor is what’s holding the industry back.

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Tech startup No Isolation fights loneliness, but it takes multiple languages to do it.

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In a tight talent market, the job interview cuts both ways.

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How two corporations internationally deploy internal security training.

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How the popular ride-sharing app makes localization purchasing decisions.

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Enterprise tech teams can benefit from having a startup mentality.

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Tech conferences can provide insight and networking — or be a waste of time. IT pros discuss what they look for from the ideal event.

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How to tell if your law firm is ready to take on a blockchain or cryptocurrency practice.

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How ADHD app Tiimo makes translation purchasing decisions.

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By introducing new apps for nearly every task, businesses can actually make employees less productive — not more.

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A vendor, a pundit, and a buyer discuss why artificial intelligence is yet to take over the information security software market.

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Predictive AI applications like HireVue screen job candidates on around 25,000 different data points, breaking down their words, voice, and facial expressions.

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How one streaming porn site is using visual recognition and virtual reality to analyze your every desire. [Print only.]

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How tech company SAS uses translation management software to localize into 22 languages.

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How NASA uses artificial intelligence. [Subscription required.]

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How to reconcile tech hiring needs with language knowledge today’s coders have.

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Whether it’s misunderstanding market need or something else, there are lots of ways chatbot strategy can go wrong.

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Female managers offer ideas on how to prevent women’s attrition.

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Female execs discuss how to create a corporate environment where women thrive.

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Survey data shows Americans use bots post-purchase.

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A look at intent-based marketing software for events.

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Cities and corporations use chatbots in surprisingly similar ways.

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How to apply the Watts Humphrey Capability Model to global content deployment.

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Why Canadian manufacturer Finning International doesn’t buy translation.

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Despite improved capability, machine learning isn’t ready for marketing quite yet.

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HR executives use bots to onboard new hires and make teams more efficient.

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Chatbot implementation lessons from NASA, Capital One, and Verizon.

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Capital One customers like the convenience of accessing data via textbot, but security experts have concerns.

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Employers and vendors weigh in on whether the abundance of diversity tools is a good thing.

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Maybe not, says Twitter’s former CISO, but there are risks with Facebook’s move from a centralized to a distributed security model in the wake of Alex Stamos’s departure.

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By searching for keywords in Slack conversations, Intuit uses a chatbot to check up on corporate culture.

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory uses ‘moments of engagement’ to involve end users in chatbot development.

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A short look at KAYAK’s Alexa search app.

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KAYAK’s localization manager discusses how the travel search engine makes translation purchasing decisions.

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Two blockchain projects hope to prevent bot authentication issues before they start.

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The cryptocurrency community has long relied on English as its primary language. This could hold back digital currency growth.

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With AI fast becoming the new UI, Verizon is continually improving two customer-facing chatbots.

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Midsize employers turn to telemedicine and concierge health to bring doctors onsite.

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Think training a chatbot is easy? Think again.

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Facebook uses artificial intelligence to identify porn, protect Mark Zuckerberg, and (someday) connect to your brain waves.

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Generating global revenue takes more than just translation. Full website localization converts everything on the page with meaning.

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How to lower the risk of a medical device cyberattack.

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How Facebook uses building architecture and global security to put physical protection between its servers and the public.

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Cyberattacks on medical devices could mean a myriad of problems for hospitals and other health care providers.

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Cyber resilience is a measure of how well an organization can operate its business during a data breach or cyber attack.

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To help other departments understand security’s importance, Finning International launched a marketing campaign.

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Hotel conglomerate Marriott International, Inc talks translation purchasing. [Subscription required.]

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From CIO to CSO to CTO, there’s no shortage of tech titles to choose from. But does your company really need all these roles?

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Continual improvement methodologies strengthen security, shorten dev cycles, and help the c-suite see infosec’s value.

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Certain phrases may keep women from applying for a job and slow down time-to-hire.

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Chatbots make city services more efficient, but are they safe to use?

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Error-prone applicant tracking systems kill 75% of job seekers’ chances as soon as they submit their resumes. This article reviews how to get yours past the system.

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Brad Arkin intends to make sure one of history’s biggest data breaches doesn’t happen again.

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In this online supplement to a print article profiling Papa John’s translation practices, the company’s director of international training shares how translations are reviewed.

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In light of Panera Bread’s API-related data breach, here what’s true about protecting application programming interfaces.

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Apps designed to make people happy are now selling to HR.

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Pizza chain Papa John’s International talks translation purchasing. [Subscription required.]

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American investors are sinking millions of dollars into apps designed to improve your state of mind. (Print-only.)

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How to navigate unrealistic expectations about what AI can do and address change management issues from its implementation.

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How the unified profile concept discussed at Adobe Summit affects localization marketing — and may be borderline creepy. [Same-day event coverage.]

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How security can ensure all vendors and partners, even those not controlled by IT, meet the organization’s security standards.

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A look at inclusivity and appreciation chatbots for Millennial workers.

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Natural language processing is a branch of AI that enables computers to understand, process, and generate language just as people do — and its use in business and society is rapidly growing.

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Health insurance companies encourage patients to turn to apps to save money, but some patients end up not getting the care they need.

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How two agricultural robots that harvest apples and coffee cherries could change the future of farming.

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Neurological pattern matching vets job applicants, but how well?

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How DocuSign and others use machine learning to predict if and when job applicants will quit.

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Software engineers share the top five ways employers are failing at recruiting — and how they can fix the problem.

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Effects of the net neutrality repeal are hard for information security professionals to predict.

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An article to help children understand the increasing role of robotics in agriculture.

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New pattern matching tech takes aim at predicting how long new hires will stay, potentially saving employers billions per year. But has AI really cracked the code on employee retention?

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Kentucky Tier II automotive manufacturers find economic opportunity in selling parts out of state. Sidebar article to accompany “What Drives Kentucky,” a larger feature in the same issue co-written with Joe Arnold.

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Limited resources and software as a service (SaaS) sales culture force security professionals into a best of breed strategy for infrastructure.

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Four natural language processing business applications being developed today that all workplaces will use tomorrow. (Article translated into Korean.)

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As information pushes further into the cloud, the role of perimeter security is changing. It will become part of a multifaceted solution for network security. (Article translated into Korean for CIO Korea.)

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A primer for middle school students that explains how machine translation works.

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Female entrepreneurs are designing new tools to mitigate bias in hiring, company culture, and decision making. (Article translated into Korean.)

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Panic button apps and AI could keep kids safer from shootings, but there are many non-technological problems to solve first.

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(2018 Azbee Silver Award of Excellence for New England Web Feature Articles from the American Society of Business Publication Editors)
Online language translation software caused a data leak at Statoil. Use these best practices to keep your translated information secure.

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A look at how natural language processing (NLP) technology is transforming HR.

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HTML code element IFRAME and translation management systems don’t play nicely.

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A boutique PR agency discusses its translation purchasing decisions.

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Employees and customers enter sensitive information during chatbot sessions. This article explains how to minimize the security and privacy risk. (This article was reprinted in ITworld and translated into Korean for CIO Korea.)

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How Microsoft Teams affects the future of the chatbot landscape.

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Why one town asked CSX not to run during the August 21st total solar eclipse.

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August 21st, the Great American Eclipse stretches crosses from Oregon to South Carolina. Along the way, small towns are designing logos to differentiate why tourists should view it there.

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Four ways to help your boss understand why website accessibility for the disabled is smart and responsible.

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Despite appearances, President Trump’s new immigration policy has not affected the translation business.

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Testing Einstein’s theory of relativity required better imaging tech. But now that digital photography is here, it’s messing up the test.

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An op-ed on the Delaware Supreme Court’s decision to force TransPerfect’s owners to sell the business.

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Together with the NASA Space Grant Consortium, a professor at Montana State University works to livestream a total solar eclipse from near-space for the very first time.

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How the name your startup chooses impacts its capability for global expansion.

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Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) is partnering with children’s ride share app PikMyKid to lessen Florida traffic.

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Why Trump’s election means personal stylists must now consider political-preference when purchasing clothes for their clients.

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Article on how a new visual search engine operating in streaming video lets the user connect with tv shows new and old.

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Op-ed explaining why video-on-demand viewership data may be more accurate than you think.

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Op-ed positioning over-the-top along Rogers’ Innovation Adoption Lifecycle and projecting a timeline for future streaming video advances.

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Op-ed examining the real-life, human behavior behind over-the-top viewing statistics presented in IAB’s 2016 Digital Consumption Trends Report.

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Article shares 6 areas in which localizing apps for television is dramatically different than for mobile.

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On the pros and cons of product differentiation.

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How mobile’s growing prominence affects what and how apps are translated.

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How to design your website for users from any language, any culture, anywhere by using three basic user experience principles.

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On innovation and disruption, comparing Smartling’s growth in the translation industry to recent shake-ups in the dental hygiene industry.

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On global shifts in training Millennials for today’s job market.

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On the role women-owned business certification and supplier diversity will play in corporate translation purchasing.

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The possible future of Bitcoin as international currency.

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Unraveling the US laws on deemed exporting.

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